Video Production and Distribution

the best way to reach your customers

Video content in websites is steadily increasing because it is such an effective means for delivering your message. As a population we are all very accustomed to watching that 30 second spot every 10 minutes.

We know that a TV commercial is a great way to get your message out. In general, the TV spot will be broadcast to millions of people at once, generating brand recognition and potential sales among a small percentage of those viewing. The downside is the tremendous cost of the air time, and usually the associated large production cost to create a spot that is compelling enough to justify the air time.

Alternatively, if you produce an video for your website, virtually everyone that watches it will be a prospective customer. Usually they are looking for you or the product/service that you offer, via web search so they are already interested. You don't need to spend a large amount of money get the attention of this viewer, you already have their attention. In this environment you can produce and distribute your video for a very modest cost, and still take advantage of the great opportunity to educate your customer.

You can call me to add video to your new site, as an enhancement to your existing site, or for a standalone video project.

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